May Expedition from the Sherpa’s Perspective

The May College Expedition went really well! Celebration was a beautiful time of worship and hearing how God moved in the lives of these students. Below is just a glimpse into what was experienced these 12 days.

Mountain 1, Joel and Richelle

The first days proved difficult for our group as we attempted the high ropes course and rock climbing at Owl’s Head. At the top of Giant Mountain, our first peak, many questioned their ability to persevere through the upcoming challenges. Their collective willingness to embrace challenge and ability to constantly encourage each other got us all to the top of Grace Mountain. As we summited this final peak, we were taken aback by the unexpected but astonishing view. Almost as breathtaking as the view was the physical and emotional capability of the group as a whole. We learned that through trial and struggle, we can grow personally and together, as a community. We were better able to appreciate the depth of God’s love and the power of His handiwork. In the words of a participant, we were able to learn that “God’s creation is not so easily conquered.”

IMG_9242Mountain 2, James and Julia

This May trip, hiking through the McKenzie wilderness region, was filled with many challenges and joys. Our group, known as the “Awesome Possums,” persevered through hikes around Lake Placid and up Whiteface Mountain. Through infectious laughter and determined communication, the troop bonded and learned how to be each other’s handholds to reach common goals. They thought deeply about the importance of authentic relationships with God and each other, culminating in a powerful group experience.

IMG_9265Mountain 3, Jared and Sophie


On trip you often become less and less physically appealing to others as time goes on. This is largely due to dirt and the smells that are created of sweating for 12 days with out soap and water. But on trip we became more attractive as trip went on because our group decided they wanted to be attractive to God more than to man.

”The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7

IMG_9248 Mountain 4, Jenn and Josh

Mountain 4 harnessed the powers of physics to scale rock climbs, bushwhack through forests, and summit high peaks with their packs on their backs. Along the way, they learned the power of close community and perseverance as they marveled at God’s alpine springtime in the Adirondacks, and considered how trees represented the group experience as well as their relationship with God!

IMG_9288Canoe 1, Rachel and Dan

Despite headwinds, choppy water, cold mornings, and swarms of black flies, Canoe 1 experienced the beauty of God’s creation through gorgeous weather and the breathtaking landscapes of Long Lake, the Raquette River, and parts of Saranac Lake. As a group, we experienced close community, vulnerability, reflection, and the power of encouragement as we led and served each other. A service project with caretaker Gary Valentine was a highlight of the trip: we maintained a canoe carry trail and experienced service as an expression of gratitude.

IMG_9276 Canoe 2, Elizabeth and Evan

Remember the boat times? We faced wind, waves, and the cold over the past 12 days as we paddled through the Saranac Lakes. The team faced these challenges with hope, positive attitudes and a lot of laughter. Instead of being discouraged by the wind and the waves, we were overwhelmed by God’s power, creativity and sovereignty. It became a daily practice to see God’s love and beauty through creation.


Final Large Group Photo

IMG_9393Photo Credit: Amber Dvornski

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