Demolition of the La Vida Gear Shed

3 weeks ago Nate Hausman, Director of the Adirondack Program, headed up to the La Vida Base Camp with Paul Helgesen (Director of Plant Operations and Sustainability), Jeff O’Brien (Fleet Manager), Nate Kenison (former Sherpa) and John Whitmore (2013 ALP participant and friend of Nate’s) to demolish the gear shed and prepare the site for La Vida’s new equipment building. Another former Sherpa, John Pillen, also helped with the demolition. 7 years ago, the gear shed shifted off of its footings and has since been leaning to one side. Nate and Paul collaborated this last year to create a blueprint and project timeline for a new building. This weekend was the beginning of those plans coming together and marked the first of two weekends of construction at Base Camp.


Photo Credit: Nathan Hausman









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