Construction of the New Equipment Building at Base Camp

This past weekend, Nate returned to the Base Camp with 11 volunteers including employees of Gordon College, Nate’s LEAP Intern, and Rich and Amber from the La Vida Office. The group arrived Thursday and immediately started work on the construction. The next two days consisted of preparing the flooring and putting up the walls and roof of the building. It was amazing to see after 30 hours of work, what once was a blank site, is now a near complete building ready to serve the La Vida program. Nate is excited about some of the new features which include a garage door for easy access during gear check in/out, a covered rear porch that will allow groups to stay dry during rainy check in/out times, attic storage, and level floors (haha, all former Sherpas know what we’re talking about). Although we got a lot done this weekend, there are still a number of items on our to do list for the building. This coming Spring, Gordon’s electricians will travel back up to Base Camp with Nate to finish wiring the building. Plumbing will hopefully be installed for a washer and dryer, and doors and windows will be installed to fully secure the building. We are very thankful to all of the people who volunteered their time and resources to help make this building a possibility for us.

Photo Credit: Amber Dvornski

Gear Building1

Gear Building2

Gear Building3

Gear Building4

Gear Building5

Gear Building6

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