Spring Break recap

Photos taken by Nate Mori
Over spring break, six guys took that adventurous spirit we love to see and went for a backpacking trip in the white mountains. Senior Matt Nickel, shares about their experience:
Having endured a “snow drought” and the accompanying boredom for lack of opportunity to break in our snowshoes and skis this winter, we, a mixed group of six La Vida Sherpas/WILD alums/amateur outdoor enthusiasts, decided to break with convention and head north for Spring Break. The result? A fantastic four day snowshoe trip in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest that, while still very cold at times, treated us with far better weather than we had expected (we had perfectly clear views of Mt. Washington 3 afternoons in a row!)
We put in near Mt. Washington at a place called Ethan Pond and worked our way up and over Zealand and Guyot, back across Guyot and S. Twin, over to Garfield, and across Franconia Ridge. After four days and 30-odd miles of snowshoeing, posthole-ing, eating, lost of sleeping (in palace-like shelters, no less), freezing, thawing and repeating, doing handstands on peaks and sliding down them on our butts, we re-emerged from the woods rejuvenated and only sorry for the fact that we couldn’t stay longer.

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