Jesse Laniak’s Semester Abroad in Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Photo taken by Jesse Laniak
Jesse Laniak, a La Vida Sherpa, is back from his semester abroad in Uganda and had some great adventures along the way! He took his love of the outdoors and adventure and brought it with him in his studies and travels abroad.
This is a picture of a hike that our group did through Seepee fallls… a 300 foot waterfall located in Eastern Uganda on the slopes of Mt. Elgon. Mt. Elgon is the second tallest mountain in Uganda, towering 15000 ft. + above sea level. There is a lot of rainfall and so the national park exemplifies lush rainforest.
This is a picture of the all guys camping trip that we did in Mabira rainforest which is located in Central Uganda. All of the girls in the program were out shopping for the weekend so us guys decided to do our own thing and go camping. Joe(the guy with blonde hair) had received a care package from back home which included velveeta cheese. This picture shows us making homemade grilled cheese sandwiches over a fire.
This is a picture of me standing in front of a giant fig tree. This picture is also taken in Mabira Rainforest where many trees of this calibur abound. We did a hike that took us deep into the rainforest, and this tree was at the end of the trail.

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